The best way to contact me is through the website email address.

cao (at) chrisortiz (dot) com


Prices for artwork are determined by media, complexity, size, and in some cases the amount of time spent. In other words, an 8 x 4 single tone drawing costs less than a 13 x 17 color drawing. The price range tends to run between $100 - $500. Specific prices are provided on request.

If you have interest in a particular piece of art send me an email.

cao (at) chrisortiz (dot) com

Process Analysis

Besides my regular gig I also do some probono work for Non-Profit organizations. These are normaly short term engagements. My ability to take on a project is goverend by the amount of time I have and the size of the efforts.

cao (at) chrisortiz (dot) com