Readings & Performances

St. Louis Poetry Center Reading Series, Genesis Coffee House
Literary Coffee House, St. Charles MO
The Writer's Voice- Caffe Paradiso, St. Louis MO
KYMC 89.7FM interview (1996) and reading (1997)
Pompeii Gallery, St. Louis MO
The Writer's Voice, Hidden Within the Melting Pot, St. Louis MO
Poetry in the Neighborhood, City Books, St. Louis MO
St. Louis Community College, several readings and interview
Le Mystere De Papa Loko, Opera Burningman
Dramatic Presentation to Teen Challenge, TN
Cry of the Owl, Red Clay National Park, TN
Eric's Dream (film) Cleveland TN


The Chariton Revies, "At the Bookstore"
World Poetry- E-zine, "Life in a Mirror"
Windless Orchard, "Findings in a Wrinkled Piece of Paper"
The Bilingual Review, "Living Under the Mango Shade"
Windless Orchard, "Life in a Mirror"

Shows & Exhibitions

Rex Gallery, Seattle WA
Mary Vitold Gallery, Seattle WA
Loop in Motion Art Festival, St. Louis MO
Forme, St. Louis MO
Three Rivers, St. Louis MO
The Inner You Pilates Studio, St. Louis MO

Positions & Workshops

World Poetry E-zine, Publisher and Editor (site now closed) - Project Manager, Webmaster
The Writer's Voice - Studies in Sensory Writing, Facilitator and Instructor


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