A Statement on Making

Strong expressions are born from a total investment of self. This is what makes creations live, causes their affect. This total investment is not gained by devoting every hour and every facet of your life to the creative process. It's gained by holding nothing back physically, emotionally, spiritually or psychologically. It's being completely and utterly open, intimate and vulnerable; tearing down walls and facades, stripping bare all separations and distances. Its' coming to a point where risking everything in front of the audience is the only thing. Then within that exposure setting ourselves free to perform with abandonment. Many can teach craft. The world is full of classes, instructors, departments and courses of study. Learning the craft, is a responsibility but being open, vulnerable, and intimate is the necessity. It is the difference between engaging in a skill and expressing a living breathing muse.

This is what I seek and where I mostly fail.

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